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Feeling the pains once again...

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The Real Cat

Feeling the pains once again...

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The Real Cat
Indigo and I have been feeling really distraught lately. It's no wonder we want out of here so much.

I, Sihnnik, have been working on keeping Indigo ok. We managed to survive a spill with Geoff, who we finally figured out has the last name of Hamilton.

What a chuckle. It shines with his intelligence, but shows none of his personality. We laughed when we saw it.

Men just seem to be popping up and as unright in every direction.

Palagran, Geoff, Travis, a guy from the East Coast... I can't tell which one of us it is, but one of us has been having a major want to start cutting. Thankfully, we haven't embarked on that.

If only we could rid ourselves of these lusts, loves, desires, and all the things that cause so much pain.

Palagran talks about it as if we have tons of control over it. Geoff is an asshole, and it took a lot to admit to him that he was right. It was the right thing to do in the end, though. He sent an e-mail in response to Indigo's apology. We aren't going to look at it tonight... we may even wait a few days before reading it.

I'm scared for us both. Though I feel we are fused as one, I am trying to come to an understanding of just which parts of Danforth are me, and the other Indigo.

Maybe someday this thing we call our body will drift to an endless sleep of peace and lullaby.

The constant threat that we are really a female soul is scary. Or if not female, not male.

...sigh...(looks down)

Men may never be "really" interested in us. At least not in the way we want. As we don our eye-liner, shadow, mascara, and foundation, we go out into the world, attempting to show ourselves in a happy state.
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